Over the last several years, I’ve given a wide variety of seminars and conference talks in different contexts. I’ve also been fortunate enough to speak to groups of high-school students, undergraduate students, brewery patrons, and life-long learners in order to inspire them about particle physics and neutrinos. An example of a recent public lecture I gave on neutrinos and cosmology can be found here.

Given the virtual nature of the Neutrino 2020 conference, the typical conference poster session had to be re-imagined. I presented a poster (which you can find the PDF of here) that was distributed with an associated two minute video. That video can be seen on YouTube here, and explains some of the work associated with the poster.

I also enjoy giving more technical seminars about my research work. A full list of the seminars I have given (as well as conference talks) is available on my CV. One recent talk that I gave was about searches for dark matter at the upcoming Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment’s near detector. The slides from that talk can be found at this link.